How to Play

Unbox the game and learn how to play Graticube in under 5 minutes (click to listen)

Graticube is an opportunity to share a moment in time and space, based on a true story. You are invited to share what’s true for you in curiosity and gratitude with others. For an extraordinary experience, consider being willing to listen.

What you share in Graticube is personal and confidential. If you feel a need to clarify what this means in your group, please do.

Graticube® – a little game with a big heart, based on a true story.

Create space, roll the cubes, draw a card…just in time.

Graticube Game elements

The Graticubes & STORY cards

Graticubes® - roll the dice

TIME (6): now, always, future, past, some time, never

SPACE (12): gratitude, joy, love, wisdom, trust, courage, anger, desire, fear, regret, guilt, shame

Each STORY card is an invitation to share a true moment from your life. The words on the Graticubes can be used to set the context of your story.

The Characters

There are eight (8) unique characters in the game that can color your game experience. Click on the rainbow bar below to learn more.

1. Roll the TIME and SPACE dice (roll virtual dice now)
2. Draw a STORY card
3. Share a moment

If other players have a CURIOSITY or GRATITUDE card, they can offer it to explore greater depth.

After a share it’s the next person’s turn.

Place a CURIOSITY and GRATITUDE card in front of each player. Choose who will start.

1. Roll the dice (roll virtual dice now)
2. Draw a card
3. Share a moment

If other players have a CURIOSITY or GRATITUDE card, they can offer it to explore greater depth.

After a share it’s the next person’s turn.

Be sure to leave room for the FINAL ROUND…

Review all 8 unique characters on the reference card. How did each person show up?

Give a card face down to each player (including yourself) that corresponds to the character they represented. When complete, you should have a small stack of “gift cards” in front of you.

One by one, starting with the first player, flip your stack of gift cards up, so that each card can be seen.

You are invited to share which card you gave yourself. Now, invite others to share why they gave you they card they did. When sharing is complete, invite the next person to begin their final turn in the same way.

There are four elements to help guide your Graticube experience:

  1. Time Cube
  2. Space Cube
  3. Continuum of Cards
  4. Eight Characters

The four elements are here for your consideration. Draw from the one that resonates the most and consider how the other elements might come into play!

You may find that you only resonate with one of the elements. You may find that two or three resonate. Advanced play: consider how all four elements might guide your share.

You are not alone if you find the four elements to be in contrast or even in conflict with each other; give it a moment…embrace the challenge. (If you have 12 minutes…detailed video here.)

As an example, the card you draw may refer to the present or the future, yet the time cube you roll may refer to the past. Is it possible for you to refer to how the past informs your present or future? We think so. In time, you might too. Enjoy time travel in two directions for your story.

The same may be true of a contrast of space. The card you draw may drive you to share about joy and yet, you may roll fear or regret. Can the two live in the same space of your story? You will know it if you try it.

How do you win Graticube?

There are so many ways to win, that… you can’t lose! Consider how you might support others in their share as you offer a curiosity card or simply hold space as an open listener in gratitude.

In the end, you can learn a lot about yourself and how you can link deeper with others to build trust and gratitude for life.

After the groups’ last share, look to the characteristics at the bottom of the cards, and find one amongst all the cards that best fits each of the players, hand that card to the players including one for yourself. Once done, take note of how you see you and how others see you. Next time you play, consider how you might explore a different character!