How to Play

Graticube is an opportunity to share a moment in time and space, based on a true story. You are invited to share what’s true for you in curiosity and gratitude with others. For an extraordinary experience, consider being willing to listen fully.

What you share in Graticube is personal and confidential. If you feel a need to clarify what this means in your group, please do.

1. Unbox Graticube and start playing (click below for audio instructions)…

Roll the 12-sided SPACE cube. Whoever rolls gratitude or love first goes first.

Each person gets:
2 gratitude cards
2 curiosity cards

Shuffle then stack or spread out the SToRy cards face down for easy access.

Graticube Game elements

Play 1-3 Rounds

■ Roll TIME & SPACE cubes.
■ Draw a SToRy card. What comes to mind first? Share a true life moment.
■ Take a look at the cubes. Do they fit into your story? It may be obvious, or it may require creative thinking. Take your time.

Want to explore more? Give a curiosity card. If a story or player’s feedback resonates with you, feel free to give a gratitude card. Offer these at any time, to anyone.

A player is invited (not required) to respond to a curiosity card.

■ When finished sharing, pass the cubes to the next player.

■ Be sure to leave time for the final Gift Card Round

2. Finish the game with the “Gift Card” round.

Final Round, the “Gift Card” round. Turn all the SToRy cards face up. Review all 8 unique characters on the reference card or chart below. How did each person show up? What character did they best represent? Looking now only at the character at the bottom of SToRy cards, find a card for yourself and put it in front of you face down, then do the same for each person playing. (For example, if there are four people playing, each person will now have four cards face down in front of them.) Then, in order of play from before, begin by sharing why you chose this character for yourself, then invite others to share what character they chose for you. When complete, go to the next player. The game is complete when all players have shared.

The Characters

There are eight (8) unique characters in the game that can color your game experience. To hear a description of the characters, click on any play button below.