Graticube is a little game with a big heart, that inspires authentic connection through curiosity, creativity, listening, and gratitude.

This tabletop game is designed to be enjoyed in curiosity and gratitude with perfect strangers, best friends, family, and co-workers. Graticube brings people together with time-space dice and a continuum of story cards with eight unique characters.

New Games…Abundance and Total Meditation 

“If you want to watch a genuine authentic leader in the world, see how playful they are, see how much they laugh.” Julia Chatterley from CNN interviews Dr. Deepak Chopra.

Co-Create Playdates with Us

Upcoming playdates include Meow Wolf, the United Nations, the Palladium.

Partners & Purpose

Bring the game to life with your team, community or organization.

Play it forward together to raise funds for your favorite charity or community in need, or partner with us to build a customized game or game experience just for you.