Gamifying Connection with Sam Sokol & Mario Nocifera

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Sam Sokol, the creator of Graticube, a tabletop game designed to spark curiosity and gratitude with perfect strangers or best friends. šŸ¤āš”ļø

Discover Sam’s incredible experience of staying silent for an entire week at Burning Man, which ultimately led to the birth of Graticubeā€”a little game with a big heart. It even caught the attention of Deepak Chopra, leading to a partnership for the Game of Abundance in 2024.Ā šŸš€

Get to know Mario a bit more as he actually plays the game on this episodeā€¦

But that’s not all! Join us THIS SUNDAY at Beacon for a special event with Sam himself. Meet strangers, make new friends, and play the game right on Beaconā€™s dance floor! Get ready to ignite meaningful conversations and create lasting connections.šŸ”„