Emyrald Sinclaire feat. Graticube – Manifest it All Ep. 137

Manifest it all with Emyrald SinclaireWhat many of us crave most in life is a deep intimate connection with the people around us. To feel safe to show up raw and vulnerable in conscious conversation.

And today Emyrald brings her dear friend Sam Sokol onto the podcast for an episode all about building a vulnerable and deep connection with each other.

Sam is the founder of the soon to be world renowned game, the most gifted game in the world, Graticube®


Join Sam & Emyrald as they dive into:

– The format and deep dive evolution of Gratitude®
– How the game helps to shift your perception and feelings about a story you have (and how it helps to rewrite those stories)
– Building deeper connections by relating to each other (including some very inspiring story shares)
– Growing from discomfort when we are safe (this game was envisioned as a safe container and a judgement free place to share)
– The immense power of being seen and heard by others

And so much more including a powerful demonstration by Sam and Emyrald.

There is so much wisdom in this episode, so many reminders of gratitude, and examples as to what happens when you put your walls down and open your heart. So make sure to listen and put your name on the waitlist for Graticube®